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In Octojet you are immersed in an awesome underwater world, where you have to navigate the octopus through a maze of rocks and coral reefs by tilting your phone or your tablet. Shoot the creatures appearing from the top before they kill you. If you manage to survive you will receive all the collected points and advance to the next level. But be careful! With each level tougher enemies appear and the speed increases. Will you manage to beat the enemies?

The movement! Tilt your phone or tablet and the octopus moves in the direction you are tilting. The octopus is capable of disappearing from one side of the screen and re-appearing on the other side.

The Ink Shots! The Ink shots are fired when you touch the screen. Take your time to aim before you shoot.

The Fun Facts! The game also features The Fun Facts, which provides you with info of the octopus and the marine world. Some of the facts are amazing and seem to come straight out of a science-fiction film. For instance, did you know that octopuses have three hearts?

This game will entertain you for hours and the graphics are just as amazing as the game play.

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